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ADHD Series: L-Theanine

I see a lot of little ones with ADHD in practice. I see the inattentive subtype, hyperactive subtype, and the mixed. Although there are only 3 categories of ADHD, there is so much variation in how each child presents! Treatments are very individualized and are aided by different tests like the organic acids test and comprehensive stool analysis which help focus protocols. However, I do see certain issues persistent and this series is here to discuss some supplements I find helpful in many children.

Two simple words: Relax, Focus.

Simple words that all parents that have children with ADHD know are anything BUT simple to get! By the time they come into my office they have been chasing those two words for months and have yet to find them.

L-Theanine (THEE-uh-Neen) is an extract from tea leaves that helps the brain achieve these two simple words without any side effects for our little ones - which is great since you can't say that about a lot of the medications pushed at them. There are lots of different pathways involved but the main results are:

  • improved ability to think clearly and concentrate

  • improved learning

  • improved memory

  • reduced anxiety

  • at high doses, improves sleep depth and duration

The above is achieved by increasing calming neurotransmitters (GABA, glycine), increasing feel good neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine), and increasing alpha brain wave activity (helps people handle stress better). I love when a simple supplement can have big impacts on many different symptoms! That’s what you get with L-theanine. It’s a great place to start when your kiddo is bouncing off the walls and really stressed out.

L-Theanine gets to its highest concentration in the brain after 5 hours and is out of the system by 24 hrs, so needs to be taken daily.

If you're curious about this supplement, book in to talk about it more!


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