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Do I Have PCOS?

"My periods are messed up - do I have PCOS?"

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, referred to as “P.C.O.S.”, is really a collection of symptoms related to an improperly functioning menstrual cycle. The name is super confusing, because someone can be diagnosed with this condition when they don’t even have cysts on their ovaries. What’s the deal!?

Main symptoms of PCOS are:

  • longer than 35 day menstrual cycles (meaning days between when you have your flow)

  • acne

  • extra body hair on face, chest, and belly

  • polycystic ovaries (though not needed for a diagnosis)

You only need 3 of those 4 symptoms to be diagnosed.

Why do I have PCOS?

THIS QUESTION IS SO IMPORTANT!!!! Figuring out WHY is what will help you get back to regular periods and reduce symptoms! Going on the birth control pill is not 'fixing' your PCOS, it's just delaying dealing with the problem until later. And if that later is when you want to have a baby? It will be harder to get pregnant if your hormones are all wonky. The main causes of PCOS are things that interfere with normal ovulation which causes cycles to be longer than normal. This can be due to:

  • insulin resistance

  • adrenal hormone imbalance

  • chronic inflammation

  • just got off the birth control pill

Figuring out WHY you have PCOS helps to figure out HOW to treat YOUR PCOS. Each cause needs to have a different type of protocol which is why lab testing is critical. “Test, don’t guess”, to help get you back to happy healthy periods.

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