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Favourite Facial Sunscreen

Sunshine is here, which means for the most part we are slathering sunscreen on us to help prevent burns. Today I have to talk about my absolutely favourite facial sunscreen, Australian Gold Tinted Mineral Botanical Sunscreen with an SPF of 50.

This stuff is great for the face because:

  • non-greasy!! Nothing feels grosser in the summer heat than piling oil onto your face. The finish of this is dry

  • doesn’t clog pores

  • tinted/no white cast. Mineral sunscreens generally leave a white finish from the zinc content in it. The tint for this is sheer, unless you put on a lot and then it can double as a mellow foundation

  • mineral sunscreen. this ‘physical sunscreen’ is the only type that prevents your skin from aging due to sun exposure (photo aging). All the other chemical ones will work to prevent your skin from only getting a burn, but those age spots and wrinkles will slowly come out of the wood works.

  • SPF 50 - high strength at blocking those UVB rays (the ones that cause skin burns)

  • no junk in them: Designed to be Oxybenzone Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, PABA Free, Petrolatum Free, SLS (Sulfate) Free, Gluten Free, Dye Free and Oil Free. Hypoallergenic.

Here's a picture of me without it (Left) and with it (Right) on. You can see it's somewhat sheer but did help even out some of the redness on my skin. And again, it's not Foundation - it's a tinted sunscreen. If you put on as little foundation as you would with this, you'll get no coverage. If you do something more like a quarter tsp (like you should for sunscreen!) then you'll get more coverage.

If you’re in the market for a new facial sunscreen, give this one a try! I picked it up at Shoppers drug mart but it’s pretty widely available. At around $20 for 113ml it’s priced comparably to brands like Thinkbaby and Green Beaver.

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