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Stress is one of the biggest factors on making you feel like crap. Although we will always have sources of stress, and having short bursts of stress is good, the chronic never-ending stress that is so common today is preventing you from thriving. 


When you have been stressed out for a while you can actually decrease nutrient absorption, cause symptoms that look similar to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), throw off your period, ramp up anxiety, aggrevate autoimmune disorders, wreak havoc on your sleep, and result in a tired and cranky version of yourself. 


My advice is to start with some lifestyle modifications to reduce your stress such as yoga, meditation, and exercise. Give your body good foods to fuel it instead of carb-heavy fast food that acts as further stress for your body. Come on in where I can help you to feel less stressed and support any other body systems that may be thrown out of whack from chronically high stress. 

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