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ADHD is a condition that greatly benefits from naturopathic care. Like many other health concerns, ADHD is a mosaic of tiny processes that aren't functioning at 100%. The sum total of these processes being off is a person with ADHD. My care targets the current theories as to what is happening behind the scenes as well as takes into account total health and what could be contributing to ADHD in the first place. 
These approaches target the brain, the gut, the immune system, nutrient deficiencies, and other areas that could be affecting you or your child uniquely. Helping heal all these areas will help improve overall brain function and reduce symptoms considerably. Support the system so it's as streamlined as possible!


There are a lot of relevant lab tests that can help assess where you or your child are at. Some tests can be ordered through your medical doctor, whereas other specialized tests are mostly available through naturopathic doctors. 

  • Antioxidant levels: glutathion, cysteine, plasma sulfate

  • Comprehensive stool analysis: assess gut flora as candida/yeast overgrowth is common

  • Ferritin: often low if heavy metals are present

  • Heavy metal testing: mercury, lead, aluminum

  • RBC Magnesium: often deficient, helpful for calming and relaxation

  • RBC Folate: huge component for detoxification, helps Vitamin B12 absorption

  • Urinary organic acids test: assess overall metabolic functioning for deficiencies, as well as neurotransmitter levels

  • Vitamin B12: huge component for detoxification as well as dopamine receptor function, needed for nerve signalling

  • Vitamin D: needed for neurotransmitter levels, particularly serotonin

  • Zinc: antioxidant, needed for cognition

And this list can continue. It's generic, but the above tests are usually done at some point during treatment whether it's in the beginning to help target initial protocols, or further on if there has been a plateau. Don't forget that each child is individual and as such, so are the tests and treatments!


Again, my treatment protocols cover lots of different areas and systems to take a load off and let the body heal. This will involve diet support, testing, and likely a variety of supplements and herbal products. I like to support the body as much as possible and then start reducing interventions to see how it does without it. Each patient has different requirements, some start improving with just the initial treatments while others take longer to start noticing benefit - it depends on where their health is at the start. I will always be straight forward and honest with you regarding this. 

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